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Our spin classes are full of incredible energy. The positive vibes pumping from those classes are sure to reignite your spark for life. Our instructors are motivational, our music is uplifting and our message is clear: find yourself, love your body, and ignite your soul. With our barre classes, we integrate the best of ballet, pilates, and isometric movements. Barre has been known to reduce stress, increase flexibility and muscle definition and improve posture.


SoulRide is a 45-minute high-intensity cardio spin class that incorporates full body toning. The rhythmic ride takes place in an intimate setting where the music is upbeat and the energy is electric. 


SoulBarre is a 45-minute ballet inspired, core centered class focusing on using isometric, non-impact and dynamic movements. In this highly effective toning class you will burn fat, sculpt lean muscles, and strengthen your entire body using your own body weight, light hand weights, and a resistance ball.


SoulFusion combines SoulRide and SoulBarre into a 60-minute combination class where you will get 30 minutes of cardio in addition to 30 minutes of fine toning.


A 45 minute full body workout consisting of high energy, muscle building exercises that raise your heart rate while strengthening and toning your muscles! In addition, the use of TRX straps and resistance bands will challenge your body to the next level!

*All fitness levels are welcome! Modifications can always be made, you work at your own pace!

SoulFusion Booty

It's all about the BOOTY in this 60 minute Fusion class! 30 minutes of a BOOTY-focused spin class that will engage those glutes and hamstrings with isolations, sprints and resistance building! Then the remaining 30 minutes will be spent in the fitness room, toning, tightening and lifting that booty!

Barre + TRX

This 45-minute class is ALL about toning your body and making your muscles stronger and leaner! Using the effective moves of Barre along with the exercises of TRX, you will be sure to see results in no time! This core-focused class will leave you feeling empowered, stronger, and toned.


SoulRide + TRX is a 60-minute class that starts with a 30 minute, high-intensity rhythmic spin class followed by 30 minutes of TRX suspension training. The combination of cardio through spin and the principles of strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability through TRX, reinforces your body's muscles. This allows you to truly “use your body as the machine.” This intense workout has motivation built in. Let’s get sweaty together!

Core + Strength

Core + Strength is a 45-minute class that gives your core EVERYTHING it needs! It's not just about crunches in this class! Using weights and core focused exercises, you will be strengthening your core and your whole body in this amazing class! 

SoulBarre + Mat Pilates

Barre + Mat Pilates is a 45 min class that provides the elements of barre while incorporating mat pilates exercises! Mat Pilates is a strengthening and lengthening form of exercise that focuses on your core (trunk) muscles while also training your arms and legs.

*All classes have an age requirement of 14 years old.

*If you are more than 5 minutes late to class, your spot will be forfeited and you won't be allowed to take class. Coming to class late is distracting and it doesn't allow time to properly set up your bike or safely prepare for class.

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